About Mafikeng Flying Club

The Beauchamp-Proctor Flying Club was established in 1971. It is based at the Mafikeng Airport. The Club at present has twenty members of which ten is active and serving on the committee and six of whom own their own aircraft. The Club at this point in time does not own a light airplane for hire-and-fly.

The Club meets once a month and is using its available energy and resources to promote flying locally, attract aviators and aviation events - like the PTAR 2011 - to Mafikeng, putting Mafikeng firmly onto the aviation map. A previous big air event was the World Gliding Championships (WGC) which was held January 2001 at the Mafikeng Airport. Oscar Goudriaan from Potchefstroom was crowned the 1st South African to win the open world championships in 2001.

After the WGC the Club keep on inviting glider pilots from over the country to come and enjoy the Mafikeng Air Space. So impressed were the glider pilots with the airport and the Club facilities that they are keeping Mafikeng in foreground of their mind as a venue for further events.

The Club is planning breakfast fly-ins on Saturdays (please see somewhere on the web for our FREE brekfis Fly-in during June 2015), which it is hoped will be popular with pilots on the Rand and in the surrounding areas. Mafikeng is one hour's flying time from the Rand and can be a good stop for brekfis for a student on his first cross country flight. We have as part of our facilities a clubhouse and a swimming pool. Pilots and plane owners, who rarely get time to fly and want to on the weekend get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, can fly in, have a good breakfast and enjoy a Sunday lazing around the pool. We have trees, grass and the facilities so that you can bring along your tent on Friday evening for the stay over, or a Shuttle service from the Mmabatho Palms Cassino Hotel can be arrange.

As Club members we appreciate that it is a privilege to fly. We try, as far as possible, to share our privilege with those less fortunate. Seldom does a club member take to the sky, without inviting someone along to share the sensational freedom of flight.

Too many Clubs make the mistake of making their business only about meetings. Meetings are boring, tedious and of no interest to the general public. Club members themselves lose interest, attendance drops and members resign. We have recognized this and want to be different. We plan to have regular flying events, including night flying exercises, spot navigation and spot landing. Many pilots look out of the window, it's a beautiful day for flying, but they simply never get out to the airport to fly, because it is too far, and is simply too much trouble to go there alone. These exercises will also create public interest.

Generally, all people have an interest in flying. Their total exposure and experience has usually been sitting in the window seat (if they are lucky to get that seat) of an airliner and see a small view of flying from out the side window. It is always interesting and fascinating to watch these people when they get the opportunity to sit in the co-pilot seat and put on headsets. Suddenly they are confronted with a panoramic view of the world outside through the glare shield, hear the communications between air traffic control and the pilot, and watch the pilot go through the routine of his checklists. It is for them a totally new perspective and experience, and people love it.

For that reason our club has started recently with a Virtual Pilot Training arm. Our aim is to take a social member (from school age up to any adult) through the whole ± 40 hour training at a very very low cost, to proof if he or she will has the cability to spend uge bucks on flying training to become a real pilot. We are still looking / waiting for sponsors to get the necessary equipment (± 2 x R22,000).

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